Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Much to Do, So Little Time-_-;

Today some lovely items arrived, but this will be the last lot of goodies for a bit...as the Yen is much stronger than the Dollar these days...I will have to make more in order to get the other items still awaiting shipment!! Anywho, in today's mail, I was able to find 2 more Margaret totes, a Masako M. underlay, a Lot of 3 coloring books, a Lot of 3 older coloring books, a set of Mitsubishi colored pencils, and lastly, a set of Ayumi Uyama miniature stuffed animals gashapon complete that I've been searching for since ever since!! Yay, me!! Most have been added to the shop already!! check it out!
- ggsdolls

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