Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vintage Music Box...

One of the items in my recent box from Japan is this lovely jewelry box. But sadly, the seller said it was broken and of course all dirty and needs repainting.
The jewelry box before. I took the music box apart to see what was wrong with it and found a short piece of gold chain caught inside the mechanism. When I took it out, the music box began playing for me. I was so thrilled that there was nothing major wrong with it. I put it back in and screwed it in place. Then I looked carefully at the top section and used a paint brush to clean it out and below is the end result!!
It still needs to be repainted...but I might just keep it the way it is. Sadly, it was also missing the dancing ballerina. But I tried out a cute Dancing Mary magnetic toy I had and it worked out fine! I would still like to find a replacement one.
The inside of the jewelry box. The center part, swirls as it plays and the ballerina dances around...

Below is an example of the ballerina that should be with this jewelry box...

My replacement ballerina...LOL! - ggsdolls

PS This is the doll toy I used as a replacement. I got mine some years back at a store call "Sterlings" for only $5.00. Nowadays it costs more-_-; This lovely online shop has more!! Yay!

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