Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello there...

Well, not much going on. But I did get a lot of wee packages in the mail today. I've been trying to find clothing that will fit my lovely aram girls and finally a nice match for them! Clothing for Odeco-chan fits nicely. I also found that Mattel tutti items, well some can fit them too! So, here's what came in the mail!
My loot from YJA. I got a Candy Candy movie cartridge for my movie maker. I've been wanting this cute "Kawaii Japan" culture book. I also, like this lovely Nana chan case, but my daughters ended up wanting it more than I did-_-; and a new addition to my mini posey, this blonde one. Now, I have two cute mini posey friends!
Amazing Odeco-chan dress fits. Sadly, the tights do not. But still this is a nice fit for Heukdan! I love the style of the dress too!

I was able to video the movie as I cranked it. Now, you can see what I see in the movie maker! Ugh, been having migraines lately...not fun at all. Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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