Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Items in Today!

I've turned my focus onto my cute little dolls Heukdan and Baekdan. So, this latest shipment from Japan had some items I found before buying stuff for my Atomaru dolls! LOL!
I received a long time wish list item, this lovely vintage pose doll record! I saw it first from a friend's flickr stream. Gretchen is the ultimate pose doll collector before posies got really popular. I found out that my record is part 3, whereas her's, is a part 2!
2 lovely fashion coloring books, similar to another set I had one a few months ago. This lot was unused, Yay!
Then, I can't forget to mention the lovely plaid overlay with art work by Masako Watanabe. I've never seen them in plaid and had to make sure I won it!! I also notice that the artwork was in one of my older pencil cases with two girls! Sadly, I sold it long ago. Still amazing.
I also won a set of 12 Glico Kitahara collection first release. I plan to keep some and some send off to a friend!

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls

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