Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Taby and Sam Brought back for me!!

Wednesday, my husband and my eldest daughter left for a short follow-up trip to the Philippines...I had to stay back this time to make sure our youngest Sara went to school etc. So, while they were off for their short trip and then got in early morning this morning, they brought me back some goodies! How sweet!!

 Krispy Kreme truffles! I didn't even know that they made truffles!! Awesome can't wait to try em' too! Taby says they're delicious!

 Then, Sam had gotten Taby a set of Danboard mini figures they found at an anime shop in Greenbelt!! I was like whaaaa?! Yup, I didn't even see that shop the last time I was there?! Sam said it was on the upper floors of Greenbelt 1, the one we never went too...ugh! I so missed out!!

 Taby was so sweet she had helped her Dad choose for me a new ipad mini case(not shown). Which was cute too. So now, I have 3 styles I can interchange with. Then she gave me a chance to choose one of her Danboard minis!!? I didn't want too, but she insisted...

So, I chose Tamiya above. He's so cute and lights up! The funny thing is, I didn't know that Yotsuba and Danboard are characters from the same manga!? So, clueless. I need to update myself on the latest mangas!!LOL! But I've always seen Danboard thru flickr from other collectors and thought he was cute...I just didn't think I'd own one...LOL!

Sam and Taby were so sweet to think of me^_~ I feel special! Thank you my family!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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