Monday, November 11, 2013

It feels a lot like Christmas!!

Over the weekend and on Monday, "Veteran's Day", some things I found or arrived that definitely tells me Christmas is just around the corner!! I received on Saturday, two lovely vintage Japan Christmas ornaments!
 Above, from ebay. I got this cute squirrel ornament, not realizing, I had already gotten him...sheeesh! Oh well, and below thru etsy, I found an ornament, that is still MIP!! Whoa, yup another cute bear! He will be a great addition to my growing vintage Christmas ornament collection! I can't wait to put them up this year!!
 Below, a closer shot of his tag, with price too! If only, things were that cheap still!! LOL!
 He is nice and mint!
 Then, on Monday, I took my husband to his physical therapy and while he was at the clinic, I did a quick run to Tokyo Mart and found this below!! mmmmmm....
 Yup, Nestle's Aero Mint Chocolate mini's! Yummy!
 I've always loved Japan-made Nestle's chocolates and to have them in mint flavor too!! Ohhhh Yes!!
So light and fluffy, like a cloud of minty heaven!! You have to try them if you do find em'!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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