Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Items Arrive from Japan!

A small box arrived today with more goodies to add to the Japanese Plastic Dollhouse again!!LOL! As I said in my last post I was searching for tinier things to place into this 1/30 scale dollhouse...
 Here's what I found...Konami MMS Pomock action figure, cheap! Wanda Frog jeans set of two, a lot of glico brooches and pins. Asian Rement set, Glico Retro table with accessories, and Hot Springs set of two for the house. Also, Tiny anime girl gashapons!!
 I've been hunting down some cheap Takara Hot Springs miniatures. So far, I got 3 sets that I added to the house, one already in it and these two above. Below, I also got the Asian Rement room, just to see if they'd be a good size in the house as well?!
 Sadly, the chair and lamp were too big, but the elephant and planter worked out well!! Some pieces not shown.
 Wanda jeans...wanted to see if they'd fit my Aram girls...Sadly, they don't-_-; Oh well...
 This Glico retro table set, was a good find, and fit a lot better than the other table! I've added a few things from this set to the house, but not all of it!
 This lot of glico brooches and pins will be added to my shop later on...I really wanted the mermaid pendant!!
 Madoka Magica cup gashapon toy lot! I actually got six, but my daughters each wanted one!! The three above are the one's I really wanted! They are a bit larger than Mirai, but might be great in other scenes or as they were meant to be playing on your cup of tea!!
 This poor brooch above, sadly, needs some fixing...But she is such a cute anime girl though...
 OMG, this cute anime mermaid above, by glico. I just love anime mermaids best!! Then, below more spammage of my plastic dollhouse with the hot springs miniatures in it...

Thanks for reading and looking at my posts! - ggsdolls

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