Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vintage Anime Find Inside my Container!!

OMG, its been some time since going thru my containers in the closet and I found this piece of anime art and didn't think it was what I had originally thought I bought!!? LOL!
 I bought this I think back in 2005, thru Yahoo Japan?! But, thought I had gotten a plastic or vinyl table cover with the artwork from the 1981 film Toei Animation movie, "Swanlake"! But it was actually, a large handkerchief or place mat!
 As seen above a cloth table cover for your bento lunch!
 I definitely loved it for its' anime art work and for the love of the movie as well. As a pre-teen when I first saw the anime movie, I watched it over and over. I was in love with the way Odette the main character was drawn. I've always wanted to try to get her crown and find a doll that looked just like her!!
 It was kept in its plastic packaging for so long, and still it held its lovely coloring and looks so new. I will definitely keep this and maybe frame it or use it to keep a cute dolly safe!

Above, the original Toei Animation sticker tag. A lovely piece of animation history...hmmm! Now, to find a crown similar and a doll!!LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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