Thursday, February 6, 2014

1/12 Scale Anime Girl!!

I found this cutie thru AmiAmi another type of international online shop for anything anime!! This girl just happened to pop up when I was searching for 1/12 scale figures. She is called, "Lugzy Girl"! I got the pink version. Released back in 2009, I was able to have mine back ordered! The description reads, "Character design and original sculpture production is done by "BABY SUE" famous for Pinky Street. An original figure!" Wow, the same creators of Pinky Street dolls. I have one, and my daughters own a few!! I couldn't wait to see her in person!

She arrived safely to me today, and I really wanted her for another MMS hybrid doll. But upon inspection, she is one whole figure, no parts to disassemble. She simply cute just the way she is... So, instead, I will have her live in one of my dollhouses!
 Lugzy girls are more mature and definitely not like the Chibi-ness of Pinky Street! But if you look closely at her face, I do see similarities to the Pinky Street girls! Especially in her eyes!

 Cute fashion too! She almost looks a bit vintage or retro in this style! Great for my Mid Century Modern dollhouses!

 Sorry, for the quick blurry shots...I hope to take better one's soon! Below a closeup of her face.
 There are four girls to choose from. One like mine, but in grey, and a set of red heads in dresses, black or white. (Stock photo below, not mine.)
 Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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