Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cobaanii Mokei Kobo 1/12 Garden Set!!

I worked on and finished the 1/12 Cobannii Model Garden set today!! I found it thru AmiAmi here, it was back ordered and they were able to get one set in for me! Yay! So, I immediately started on it by the afternoon...
 I opened the packaging and took all the pieces out. Of course the instructions are in Japanese, but that doesn't stop me from putting it together. Hehe...
 Above, is what I'm suppose to see upon completion....
 I too a photo of all the pieces laid out. In a short time, I was able to finish it, along with Tabytha's help. She was able to glue for me most of the pieces, while I had to do laundry. I'm thinking the next time I get a set, I might as well get one for her. She loves to put them together as much as I do!!LOL
 Once finished, I noticed something, don't you?! Yup, the table is missing-_-; I went back to the first pic above to see if the table was there and maybe I just misplaced it or it fell off the bed. But even in the pic above, the table part of the set is not there. I had to write AmiAmi about it and they said because, the item was sold out, I couldn't get a replacement, but I did however get a discount and points added to my account for use later. Still a good deal!

Below, the completed garden along with some watering cans... Remember them from an earlier post? I decided to redecorate them with stickers and flowers. I may just add them to my For Sale page if anyone is interested. They are 1/12 scale miniatures. From the photo on the website and on the packaging, sadly, the garden set is much more like a 1/24 scale then 1/12. When I put Charlotte next to it, she towers over it...oh well. It's still cute for some scenes!

 I have some with floral decor, a sail boat, bunnies, dolls, bears, etc.! The flowers inside them are dried vintage pink and yellow flowers. Some are just pink or just yellow. Available soon!

 Such a fun project too! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls