Thursday, February 13, 2014

I got a Konami MMS 3rd Naked Flesh Small Figure!!

Oh my goodness, I actually won this little figure last week! I seriously, thought I wasn't gonna win her, but did and she arrived so quickly too!!
 Above, the figure is an MMS 3rd Naked Flesh Small ver. 2. I've been wanting a later version with the feet part having toes, and the three chest sizes. I figure I had a better chance of getting a small version versus a tall, and I did. Sadly, a tall version is much more expensive-_-; and last week a seller had several small sets for auction, which gave me an even better chance!
 Above, side by side with Charlotte, the small version is really small! I didn't realize how small it was! Cute nonetheless, I can use her for another character I modify!!
 I tried to see if Charlotte could use the chest plate form this version, but sadly, she can't. Still, I was able to use the feet part on Charlotte's bathing suit bod!

Then, I did it! I removed Shiori's head... I know, "Are you nuts Lady!" But as you can see below. The modded Shinokawa Shioriko on an MMS small bod! This size head fits nicely too! She looks so sweet, tiny and delicate!!
 My husband said, I'm like Frankenstein, always changing doll heads and bodies, creating something else...LOL! Yeah, I guess I am!!

But, I love the new dolly friends I've created!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. These bodies are so great!!! Your mod turned out awesome too!!

    1. Heather, thanks dear! I didn't realize how tiny the small MMS naked flesh bod was though! I was hoping she be just a bit smaller, not very small!! Still, I'm a happy camper that the head fit nicely!!