Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Azone Dolly and More Yahoo Japan Goodies.

Today's mail was truly exciting to get!! I had pre-ordered the lovely Assault Lily Rokkaku Shiori gal and also got some cheap goodies from Yahoo Japan and Etsy!!
 Yay, finally, an Assault Lily. I've been basically waiting on the sidelines for one of these gals that I might want and sure enough the pre-order for Rokkaku, interested me. Above, I also got some cheap goodies from YJA Toei animation Character Series, another Hot Springs set, and some cute resin hats for a project I have!
 This version of Hot Springs has a cute boy statue instead of the cat statue! I was able to snag it pretty cheap too! A great addition to my Plastic dollhouse, when I do set it up!!?
 One of my favorites, Maho no Mako chan is a vintage anime mermaid. I've always wanted to get this figure, and now I have! She so sweet and reminds me a lot of "The Little Mermaid" also from Toei too!!
 Above, I was looking for a hat for Charlotte, but then, came across these cute tiny resin hats! Hmmm... What to do...
 So excited, Rokkaku is just too cute! I've always wanted one with braids. She is larger on top, so I will have to decide whether to mod her and place her on an MMS bod or keep her as is... She a cutie and a keeper!! Now, Lien won't be lonely!
 Below, I also got from AmiAmi a back-order 1/12 scale Garden set. Made of paper and wood it will be fun to put together! More on this one later on...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. Ohh! Rokkaku and her wee outfit are just so cute! Congrats on your haul of goodies! It's always awesome to get a whole bunch of stuff at once!
    The Maho no Mako chan figure is lovely too! You have such an eye for awesome and vintagey!

    1. HI dear! LOL, so true dear! and thank you so much! I try to find mostly vintage goods, but lately have been smitten by Konami and Azone gals!! Many dolly hugs, gg