Thursday, February 27, 2014

Some Items in the Mail this Week!

It's been exhausting, but we made it thru another week! Here are some things that I was able to pick up at the Post Office!
 Since getting a cute Unoa Lite, I decided to get some Momoko shoes thru the Petworks Global Online shop!! Found a cute pair of blue Gaucho pants, and two pairs of shoes!
 Always wanted to get a pair of ballet flats above, and loafers below...
 Then, thru ebay I decided to get this cheap Bratz Kidz for her fashions to see if they might fit my MMS!!? Tops fit, and some skirts only...still it will be nice on Charlotte!
 Then, I also received the small packet from Yahoo Japan, more pairs of momoko shoes I can't find from the Global store, but cheaper thru YJA, and a anime mermaid board book!

 I love the sneakers above and they fit Unoa Lite nicely with the small feet in. I have yet to try the ones below?! I wanted them in case I decide to dress my Unoa in a cute petticoat and fancy dress!

 Lovely "Mermaid Princess" book. I like the 70s look of the anime characters and this story has a boy mermaid in it too!!

 Now, just need to have it translated!! Still cute and Sara already claims its hers!!LOL
 Handsome male mermaid dreamy!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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