Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Miner Industries Living Room Boxed Set Found! Part I

I was recently searching for Miner's Rooms again and I saw this blog post here! I decided to try my luck last week and see if I could find any sets being sold, etc. and sure enough, thru ebay I was able to find another boxed set and bought it!! It was a living room set and of course, the seller mentioned that there would be missing pieces and some added pieces etc.

But I decided to try my luck and see what it had. Surprisingly, the set was sold cheap, well at least a lot cheaper then when the furniture is sold alone without a box!! The set was sold Stateside so I knew it would arrive to me quickly and sure enough, in less than 5 days, it was here!!
 The box was torn up, but still salvageable with some tape. I couldn't hold in the excitement, and quickly searched thru to see what was there and what wasn't!
 The set came with the walls, acrylic windows, wall supports, pegs, carpet...
 You can see the tea set (2), (2) clocks, flower vase large and small, lamp, sculpture (3), candle, small cigar box...
 (2) large frame artworks. Most of the plastic pegs and panels weren't removed yet. I noticed that there were extra sets, possibly from another box?
I did find some wood parts loose and only one dried red flower, missing stem(shown above photo bottom right).
 The box above holding the living room furniture we nicely secured, But sadly, not complete.
 The items missing, were the white panel for the one end table, the chair, a leg for the coffee table, the matching side chair was in pieces with a few missing, the floor lamp, I believe a telephone, a bowl, an ashtray...But the pluses of this set out-weighed the missing items. Like, I finally, have a set with the original wall panels, carpet and accessory pieces!!
I found these dried flowers didn't make it below, underneath the liner of the box. They were all off the stems, loose in the box and crushed-_-;
 I began to set it up but it was getting late and we all had to sleep for school. So, I will end the post here for now...more in the morning! If you'd like to read older posts about my other Miner's acquisitions click here...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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