Sunday, December 7, 2014

Another Morning Drive thru Southern Guam!

I took these photos last week Thursday as I was returning home from dropping Taby off to school. She missed the bus that morning, but it was a nice way for us to catch up on life and on school! I hope you enjoy these photos of Guam?!

In the mornings when I bring Sara out to the main road from our house. This is what is happening in the skies above, as we wait for her bus to pick her up... A Beautiful early morning sunrise!

The drive below after leaving Taby's high school, which is about 30mins. from our home. I travel along the Southern villages of Santa Rita, Agat, Umatac and finally Merizo before arriving in Inarajan...
 Mt. Lamlam is our tallest Mountain on Guam. I love the drives along this road, mainly because its more scenic, less traffic, and traffic lights to deal with! Whew!
 Above, now in Umatac village, once I pass this curve, and below, as I leave Umatac and head towards Merizo. You can begin to see just a bit of "Coco's Island"!
 A closer shot, below, of Coco's Island between the tree and pole. This island is a nice little getaway, but can be very expensive to go too. First, you will have to book your visit, arrive early to catch the ferry. But, at least it comes with a lunch meal, during your visit on the island. There are a lot of water sports and exploration walks you can go too while on the island. This is also where most of our birds stay and thrive.

 A photo I took a few weeks ago after the girls and I went to gas the car... It was a beautiful early evening as the Sun bidded us farewell...

This shot above is of one of our busiest villages, called, "Tamuning"! This doesn't actually show how busy it really gets, but it is one of the areas we often drive too to get to all the stores, and restaurants.

Thank you for reading about my Island of Guam! - ggsdolls

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