Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bunka Baby Ornament and Mod Girl!!

Here are two cute items I found through ebay!! While doing my usual searches, which hasn't been much, because of the busy season, I found these two items with no bids!! A bit shocked? Yes, I was! Generally, they get snatched up fast, but I guess not too many saw them up for auction?!

 I've seen the twin baby bunka doll ornament above twice. Once in a friends collection of bunkas, and the other time via etsy. If you love pose dolls or even bunka dolls these cuties are awesome to have in your collection! They sit inside a red hat with cute flower accents and colored rope to hang them on a door or cabinet. I will be adding them to my shop soon!

 Above, before her cleaning... This Mod retro rubber girl is just too cute! Often found via Yahoo Japan, she was up for auction through ebay, and with no bidders. She is missing her hat, but still, she is just too cute to pass up!
 After her cleaning, she still has her eyelashes and a beautiful face. Same look you would see on the Island Mascot dolls by Takara or Forsum! She wears a cute orange and yellow mod fashion from the 1960s!
 She will be added to the shop soon as well!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

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