Friday, December 12, 2014

More Photos of My Beautiful Island!

I've been obsessed lately, with taking photos around Guam. I guess mostly because, I want my relatives who live Stateside to see how much Guam has changed or hasn't... So, just to share some of the latest photos I took while driving!! Yup, driving... But I always make sure its done safely! Enjoy!
 Using my cell phone, I took this one this early morning while waiting for Sara's bus. Beautiful morning!
I took these shots above and below on our way to Sara's Christmas Program at school on Tuesday. This is the lovely scenic route 4, between Umatac and Agat villages. You can see Cetti Bay from up here! That's on the left side of the photo to those who've never been.

 This shot above is overlooking Hagatna and Tamuning village, from Nimitz Hill area. It was a gorgeous afternoon, that day and clear too.
 Above, and early morning shot, as the moon sets and the sun is rising, just right outside my house. My cell phone camera is not great for night time shots, but still I was able to capture something!

 After dropping off Taby to school, I took the Cross - Island road back home, route 17. It was definitely a bright morning! Sheesh, shades where are you? My eyes!
My husband says, "I'm like a tourist!" I said, no, I'm just sharing what Guam looks like! LOL
Thanks for looking! - ggsdolls

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