Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vintage Rubber Mermaid Toy!

While doing my usual researches via online... I happened upon a lovely vintage rubber mermaid toy on etsy! Its unique look drew me to her, and I decided to ask the seller to reserve her for me, because I knew she'd sell rather quickly. The seller responded back and allowed me the reserve! Yippee! I just had to wait a bit for a payment to clear thru, I paid, and she arrived to me on Monday!
 She arrived in a small box, and I immediately took her out to look at her! Her head is attached to her body, so she can't look left or right and her arms are not movable. She had the markings, "made in Hong Kong". Her hair was a bit stiff and messy, and parts of her tail was missing paint in some areas...
 I worked on her this morning. I was able to wash her hair, touch up the paint on her tail, and add some blush to her face!

Very cute little mermaid! Her face reminds me of a liddle kiddle too!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls


  1. She's adorable, I always wanted to get myself a rubber mermaid, they're so rare!

    1. HI dearest Eleni,
      Thank you so much! I totally agree, they are very rare. This was the first time I found one like this! Many hugs dear friend, gg