Friday, December 19, 2014

What's in from Japan!!

Just a few items I won thru Yahoo Japan! These items are amazing and rare too!!
 Here's what came in... A retro girl basket with accessories, a Lina doll dress by commission, Biblia Techu figure #1, and a retro rubber girl figure!
 Before her clean up above... Below, afterwards! This is a vintage rubber doll probably from the late 1960s early 1970s. They were called Ye Ye/イェ イェ! I've seen them come in either green or pink haired, and they can go as high as $150! Eeek!
 But this one, I found for a lot less, whew! She will be added to the shop soon!

This amazing rare retro girl basket with accessories. I've often seen the basket alone, but to find it with the original accessories... Unheard of!
 A beautiful piece and I'm so tempted to keep it...hmmm!?
 The accessories include, a pot with lid, a strainer, two bowls, a pan, cabbage, grapes, and a tomato. Fun play for girls along with the cute basket to take your play toys along!

 The basket inside above. Below, I won another Biblia Techu figure #1. I have plans for this one...

 Above and below, the actual basket and the miniature rement version!!
Thanks for looking! - ggsdolls


  1. At first I thought the basket had beach related stuff, not kitchen, whoops ;). Also the Rement version of the tiny basket is very well done, cute!

    1. HI dear Rebecca, No kidding! LOL, I guess for a little Mommy to play house with?! It is, I love the whole theme of "Retro Girly" stuff! Many hugs dear for your lovely thoughts! gg