Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Busou Shinki Modded!

I've been wanting to create a similar character to my friend Wes' gal, his blog here! His lovely Arnval Character from Busou shinki is the cutest! I've often drooled over his photos!

Recently, he wrote me and told me where he got his ponytails from for his gal. He's also change his gal's look to shorter ponytails, which is all good. I still love his Arnval and her look!

If you are not familiar with Konami's Busou Shinki's here's some past posts about mine!

Here's why I got the Gundam figure! She was a great sacrifice and for a good cause too! My Arnval Mk.2 Tempesta, below, is now dreamy, like Wes' gal! Whoo hoo! I bought my Arnval head via Yahoo Japan, sold as just a head part. Sadly, I am missing her normal faceplate... but one day I will get it?!

 I actually pulled off the ponytails from the Gundam figure. The plastic hair ties, just fell off, which was okay, because I won't need them.  Then, I had to use the Dremel and make a hole into the ponytails, and use a dowel of plastic to glue in to the ponytails. That way they could fit into the holes I made on Arnval's head plate. After that, I was able to glue the ponytails into place. Sorry no before or after photos. I was in the moment!! LOL
Arnval Tempesta above after placing her headplate and faceplate back on. I did have to repaint all hair parts in order to match the ponytails.

Redressed below and so cute too!
She is wearing an Azone Pico Neemo dress, stockings and Maryjane shoes from Obitsu.

In my cabinet above, with all my other anime characters! She will have more photo shoots to come!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. Adorable! I love the Butterfly Busou Shinki you have for sale as well, but it really can be hard to find bodies or parts for these guys! At least for a good price haha.

    1. HI dear Rebecca, Thank you dear as always for your lovely thoughts! I totally agree with you! Its hard to find bodies that don't cost so much. We can only hope Konami at some point will start selling their nude bodies again!?