Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mails In!!

Here's what arrived to me today!
 I won this ruby red acrylic pencil case by Margaret, a vintage "Good Morning, Himeko" brooch, and a lot of Sailormoon Charm cameos!

 This acrylic pencil is by Margaret and is in great condition for its age. I will add it to the shop soon!

Below, one of the Margaret pencil case bookmarks, I wanted to showcase, so you can see other vintage Masako W. pencil cases, bags, and overlay cards!! Dreamy!
 Doesn't this one below remind of the case I have up in my shop?!! Here!!

This lovely "Good Morning, Himeko" brooch is in excellent condition and comes with its original art card. Similar to the brooch!!
 Back side of the brooch and card...

Lastly, from Yahoo Japan, I got this lot of Sailormoon Cameo pendants. I will put most of them in the shop!!

I also received this set of MIP Blue box toy furniture. I can't wait to open and see what they will fit in?!

Since getting my iphone 5c, I've been buying some phone cases too. Here are two that came in via ebay! "Totoro" and "Nerd Girl"!

Also thru ebay, a Gundam figure. I have a project to do and that's why I got her... more later on!

Then, I redressed Sonico below!
 Her jacket is by Azone for pico neemo, and skirt is Mattel Kelly.

 Having fun with her large teddy!!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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