Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kitan Club Futons!

Two posts in one day!! LOL I just had to take photos of the latest Futons I got here! Different from my first set I got in Japan here!

So, I decided to put together the Nendoroid Set A, in order to take photos of Arnval in the futon. I love the 'floral' style futon from the Kitan Club Futon gashapon set the most. I believe these are the 2nd release? Not sure... They're actually made as cell phone purses, but they can be used in 1/12 scale dollhouses and play sets too! Most especially in the Nendoroid Japanese Life Playset A & B!

 So cute and realistic too! I did notice that there are more of these style futons being released thru Azone International for Pure Neemo and Pico Neemo dolls. Some Japan sellers are making hand-made one's too!

 "Shh, she looks so peaceful here."
Panda futon below... I did a quick shot of this one!
 Perfect for the MMS small figure size too...

I forgot to show this from the other day! I went to our local 100yen store and got a few goodies below!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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