Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Amazing 1:12 Scale Fashion For My Busou!

I have been wanting this 1/12 scale fashion for over a year! I first saw it on a modded Busou Shinki of a friend's flickr page. His Busou is just so cute! More of his lovely dolls can be seen, here on his blog!

Wes' Busou is always dressed so cute! Sadly, I don't know who the maker is of the fashions? And her amazing 1/12 scale fashions for Busou Shinki's, that I've seen, only sells through Doll Shows and Miniature shows... So, I figured I would never get a chance to own any of her works... Fast forward to last week!

While browsing thru Mandarake, sure enough one of her fashions showed up! I was in shock, and immediately put it in my cart and purchased it. There are several other 1/12 scale fashions listed too, but this particular one is the one I've been wanting for the longest time! Yay me!

It arrived in the mail and I just had to quickly take some pics to share with you all!

 From Mandarake, the set includes a top, skirt, panty, a pair of netted stockings, and a cute flower.

 My Arnval above!
 It's so nicely made too, the top just slips onto over the top. The material or fabric she used is stretchy so it just fits nice and snug onto a Busou Shinki body.

She just looks so sweet! Playing with her today!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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