Saturday, February 6, 2016

Obsessing Over Korean Made Dolls?! You're Not the Only One! Ha.

Oh boy, you are not the only one! I've notice the past two or three years now, there is a movement, of amazingly "cute", "to die for", Korean-made or created small dolls! It's driving a few of us collectors nuts, okay, maybe just a bit over-the-top, but it is! People, the struggle is real! Ha.

For those of us internationally, via flickr, IG, or what have you, many Korean doll collectors are showing off their cuties and making us drool over them, pining for one! Eeek!

One example is Atomaru's Doran Doran Aram dolls. I posted how you can buy one here. But, nowadays, she rarely releases internationally anymore. So, how does one obtain a Doran Doran doll? Sadly, in the secondary market! Through Yahoo Japan many can be found, even older releases, but be prepared to pay a hefty price! Like buying a BJD or a Vintage 1st Generation Licca chan doll or Pichi Pichi?! It's crazy! There are also a few on ebay, a lot less expensive, but still not the nice price we know she sells her dolls for... Ugh.

Photo below not mine Atomaru blog. All Rights Reserved.

 These cute dolls are smaller to Licca or just a tad smaller, with cute faces, cotton candy hair, and just plain adorable. After Atomaru's lovely creations, more and more individual Korean Doll artists are just popping up everywhere! It's awesome, and we want their dolls! But, it can be incredibly hard to try to order one or find any up for sale, even in the secondary market. That's probably because many collectors in Korea don't resell their cuties, they keep them.

 photo below not mine, property of here. All rights reserved.
Kukuclara dolls are available through her website, and just like Atomaru she tells you via the Notice section when she releases the dolls, with times, etc. That's how I was able to get my girl here! She has a few other cuties on the website for sell too, but again it depends on the release. At least you can order internationally, Yay!

Jerry Berry Dolls, photo below not mine, property of here. All rights reserved.
I don't own any Jerry Berry dolls, but they are popular too. A bit larger. Their website is in English and can be navigated easily as well. Thank goodness!

Photo below not mine property of Petite Chica here. All rights reserved.
 These cuties are my newest faves. They look somewhat like Atomaru's Doran Doran, but they are a bit smaller. There are several releases of these gals you can still purchase what is available, contact them. Very friendly and you will get an answer. Nice!

There are a few that have websites in English, so we can navigate through and order. But, a few of the newer dolls, sell only in Korea! -_-; Sadly, some don't even have Paypal accounts for you to send payment, so you can purchase them safely. Are you kidding me?! Everyone and their Grandma uses Paypal... Nope, I'm not kidding!

You know that some of these dolls easily sell at $80 to $240, depending on which doll. You just want to scream, because it will cost crazy amounts of money to get them elsewhere!! Ugh. Why? Talk about price gouging! But, it happens to us, and if you want that particular doll, that just makes your heart melt, well, you save up and get her.

Photo not mine below, property of Dreamer Floral Girl, here. All rights reserved.
 Another popular one, I'm told she is the doll that many Korean doll collectors are gravitating towards and going crazy for! I don't blame them. She has those vintage Shoujo anime eyes, I love! I tried to contact the seller of this lovely doll, last year in September, got an answer. Many emails between each other. Sadly, she doesn't have a paypal account, only bank transfer. Which is crazy expensive to do with our banks here!! So, I lost out on getting one-_-; Tears...These dolls are very hard to get, even in Korea!

I'm not blaming any of these sites or any particular artist. I just want to voice my opinion that it would be nice if they could offer their creations to those of us internationally, at a reasonable price as they do, for their Korean customers. I guess for the time being, we will have to find a third party to help us get the gals we want, and sadly, pay the crazy price, but, if you want that cutie bad enough for your collection, you will make it so...

Thanks for listening to my rant on this one! ~ ggsdolls


  1. i have been looking for these dolls for the few weeks, and finally found them on your blog...Thanks for much KAWAIII...

    I know am going to be broke soon...

    btw, do visit and follow my blog too if u have some time...


    1. Thank you dear! I have two available on my for sale page! I will go and check your blog out! hugs, Gigi

    2. Hi Gigi, you have any of the Dreamer Floral Girl for sale?

    3. Hi dear Yukari,

      No, I don't at the moment. I'm sorry. Many hugs, gg