Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Needle Felt Creations & Mail!

Yes, I'm somewhat hooked on needle felting! I ordered more felting wool and needle felt tools to hopefully create some new cuties!? It's been slow, as far as mail arriving goes, but at least they are coming in...

I bought some felting wool from ebay, a better felting mat, a felting tool, and some safety eyes, and noses.  Sadly, my measurements on safety eyes were way off, so some of the noses and the eyes were way too big, ugh!

I did create this cutie below with what I had though...

 It was basically trial and error. But she turned out okay. I even made her an apron, added a polka dotted bow. She stands about 7 inches tall,

 and you can redress her.

The next day, I worked on this guy below! A retro plush doggie, like the one's you see from Japan. I am having a hard time poking holes into the head to make the safety eyes fit. But, I hope to do better at it with more practice.
 I've always wanted one with the two-toned colored hair. It was somewhat easy and quite fun to see him from start to finish. He stands about 3 inches tall.

I will try to take photos of him next to the miniature one's by Violetpie...

In the mail, these amazing miniature Fuji Instax 8 film cameras. I found through ebay. I definitely wanted them because of their scale, great with BJD dolls and scenes. Also because, the girls have a yellow one and pink Instax Cam...

 Each one comes with a photo to pull out of a polaroid scene.
 Too cute and fun!

Last for today, my newly adopted goodies from a dear friend Shevie! She was selling a few of her beloved treasures via IG and I made sure to snag these two cuties! A vintage Japan soft vinyl toddler doll, and a Dumpling Dynasty red bag.

This cutie, is very similar to Oike's Sun-chan dolls. Same or similar eyes. But, I will have to do a bit more research. As she has longer hair and parted to the side. Generally, Sun-chan dolls, have curly hair in two ponytails, and comes in light or tan skin. More on this cutie soon!

 Cute Dumpling Dynasty bag...
 I've always wanted one, but I don't recall seeing these up anymore. Still, it will be a great addition to my collection. I have the hair accessories set too!

All the cuties for today!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. What a great haul! Your needlefelt bunny and puppy are awesome too!

    1. HI TM, thank you so much dear for you lovely thoughts on my needle felt creations! I agree with you, on the bag and dolly. I'm just in love with her... I'm trying to find her shoes now... much love and hugs, gg