Sunday, February 21, 2016

Petite Chica is Here!

While ordering my birthday dolly wants, I was compelled to search up this cute little doll that looked a lot like Atomaru's Doran Doran?! What? Did she release a new dolly? Nope, in fact, Petite Chica is a small doll by another Korean doll artist, Chica Bonita!!

I was able to contact the website owner and purchase the doll directly! Yay me! She was a lot cheaper at $140 original sale price before s/h, Yes!! And Chica was so accommodating and helpful. My dolly arrived in less than two weeks!!

Beautiful Petite Chica doll "Rustica Ruby" - Honey version. Is the one I wanted to get first! She is a lovely prairie style brunette with softer looks as compared to the other releases.

 Cute floral box.
 She came dressed with a head scarf, profile card, care instructions, and other dolly cards extras from the site.

She has such a sweet face, and she looks a bit sad almost.
 Her brown shoes above. Below, please excuse the nude pic of her body type below for comparison purposes and information. She is a bit more chubby as compared to Doran Doran. But nice quality in the way she is made, you can bend her arms and legs. Twist at the waist also.

 Honey is wearing a Susie Sad Eyes dress above and below. Also showcasing her next to Atomaru's Doran Doran. Now, that I see them side by side, they are not a like, but still both unique in their looks and style.

I also redressed Azalea in Tadie's yellow dress and Oayt's moddish stockings! So cute! I love my Korean made dolls!!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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