Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Goodies in the Mail!

Oh my goodness, between preparing for the partial solar eclipse, I also had to pick up 4 boxes in the mail today! Whew...
 Twin fashions, one for a new gal and one for my tiny gal!! From Azone through Amiami.

This cutie pie below, I fell in love with, for her huge eyes!

 I was also able to snag this figure from "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time." by Studio Chiza.

Then, I won this vintage lot of cute retro girl's room stuff!
 I really wanted it for the cute retro puppy container below! I've always seen many of these, but to get one with the tartan print! Yay!
 He is so cute. You lift his hat and you can hide secret things inside, or other cute trinkets or tiny stuffed plushies too!

 The cute dice style coin purse and crybaby dolly have been added to my shop! Be sure to look out for them!

 Last in the lot, this silly cup, mug with hat! Pixie type elf. He is made of ceramic and is very interesting to look at. I have already added him to the shop as well.

Then, a large box below. I pre-order the Western Village Land Yui by Azone! She is a whopping 50cm!
 I just loved her style and look. Sadly, the dress I bought at the top of the post, didn't fit her-_-;

She is quite unique. Both Sara and Taby want her... I told them I want to keep her for a bit!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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