Saturday, March 5, 2016

One of Guam's Hidden Treasures!

We were invited to join a dear friend to take a short hike with her and her visitor friends from the States to show them one of Guam's hidden treasures, "Priest Pools" in Merizo.

Believe it or not, from my over 40 years of living on Guam. I had never been to this magical place! I don't recall my parents telling us about it, nor do I recall any one like teachers or even priests sharing their knowledge of this place. Why not? hmm.

My first experience of the area was back in 2014, when our family friend, Leslie invited us for the very same hike. Along with Judy, Auntie Meady, Tabytha and Sara... Even my husband had never been there. Sadly, then, he couldn't join us, as someone had to stay home with Dad.

Fast forward, Leslie, invited us to go with her, and this time Sam was able to join us! Yay!

A bit of history about, "Priest Pools":

Priest’s Pools is a hike in southern Guam. The Yledigao River cascades along terraces of basalt lava as it heads toward the ocean.  The water is cool and somewhat clear.  Back when the Spanish first arrived on the island in the 1600s, the priests would bathe in the cool fresh water.  The church at the bottom of the hill from this hike (San Dimas Catholic Church), is on the foundation of the Spanish-era church that was built in 1672. Priests from this church took advantage of these cool, freshwater pools nearby and would use them to bathe – hence the name Priest Pools. The river meanders in the typical volcanic hills and tall sword grass found throughout the south. Information taken from 360 Guam, and Guam Guide.

 The mountains surrounding the area are simply gorgeous, this shot above, reminded me of some scenes in "The Hobbit." I was telling Tabytha we need to dress in cosplay and take video or photos up here!?
 It's about a 30 minute hike to the area. There are two trails you can follow both meet up just before the top of the pools.
 I can see why the Priests back in the 1600s would've enjoy taking a bath here. You are surrounded by beautiful mountains, nature, you have cool breezes, and a gorgeous view of the ocean from up here! A bit of heaven in one's eyes.
 There are several tiers of pools as you descend to the bottom. The water looks clear, but its murky and we couldn't see any fish or fresh water shrimp, as we were told there might be...
 I gave Taby the camera and she took the rest of the photos for me.

 Nice capture above. I love what her mind wants to capture in that moment.
 One of the lower smaller water pools.

 We even found many wild orchids growing at the top of the pools. We didn't get a chance to take a better photo of them... Maybe next time?

Truly a hidden treasure on Guam. I hope to take my father and brothers to see it... Hopefully.
 Taby also took some video to share with you.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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