Saturday, March 26, 2016

In the Mail!

Some items that came in the mail today...
 I ordered some items for Yui. I wanted to have her dress differently from time to time...
 I got a cute black elastic tank top, great for summer or spring, a pair of shorts and cute tank top and striped shirt. All available through Hobby Search. I just had to try it on her. Bow head band from the cute prairie dress, that she can't fit-_-;

 Here Yui is posing with the cute miniature retro dogs. The two will be added to the shop soon!

Then, I also received a box from my friend via Japan, an Oike dress for Sun-chan and a pencil case...
 The Sun-chan dress above MIP, is so cute. But sadly, when I tried it on Oike, it was too big. So, I am guessing Sun-chan is larger than Oike. I will have to see who else from my dolls can fit this dress? A 12 inch tall doll or so.

 I was able to get my friend to order this Masako Watanabe clear pencil case from an online shop!
 Has some wear, but still very cute. I will be adding this to my shop.
 The seller of the online shop, also gave this to me "Lips"gummi candy so cute!
 Another look of the cover art by Masako.
 Cute Galaxy-eyed retro girl... One of my favorites!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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