Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Mail Goods!

It's been really busy even though it doesn't show on my blog or wordpress... I am currently updating the design of my mother in-law's website, I then, created and am updating weekly her instagram, along with taking care of my own shop, blogs, instagram, running a guest house and my Aunt's facebook page! Yup, overwhelming isn't the word I'd use... LOL

But, the weird thing is, I love it?! I enjoy the challenge! Ha.

So, here's what came in the mail.
I won this ebay dolly fashion for less than $6. I am hoping it will fit Oike. I especially love the apron! More on this outfit later...

I received my pre-orders and a purchase through Amiami below!
 The set above and below is called, "Petit Sample Series - Dokidoki Shingakki 8Pack BOX". It has a lot of cute school supplies, etc. Of course my fave. It will look great in a girls bedroom scene!
 I also pre-ordered this study desk to go with it! A "Petit Sample - Benkyoudukue" or Student Desk.
 You can see the Rement set in it above!
 More on this one later as well...
 I had to get this set, "March Comes in Like a Lion - Hinata no Takaramono 8Pack BOX". I saw a dear friend Erin's flickr photos and she had the cutest little jewelry box, another weakness I have! Ugh. So, it was a must to purchase this set, which was released back in September, 2015!
Luckily, it was still available...

 All the rement goodness that came inside. I still have to cut the extras from the booklets for both sets...

I also received a new tool for needle felting! Yay!
I got this through ebay, and it was cheap. So far, I tried it a bit and I actually find myself liking the individual needle tool instead... Well, maybe this will be good for smoothing things out?! I will see and let you know...? LOL

 I tried to recreate a squeak toy I have using needle felting. Well, the face is almost there, but I need to work on body and head more... just a trial thing.

 Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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