Thursday, March 10, 2016

They're Here! Vintage Squeak Toy Animal Set!!

I have been trying to complete this vintage squeak toy set for the past year!! Finally, I was able to snag it on Milbee's Toy shop! Whew!

 These three squeak toy cuties are made in Japan. I've seen a few listed thru ebay, but not as a set. I've found the bunny in yellow twice, the bear in the center twice, and I've only seen the squirrel once. Sadly, I lost trying to get any of them. These were sold as baby squeak toys for a nursery. But they are just so darn cute you want them no matter what you collect?!

 Their heads are movable, and when you squeak they "Squeak!"

I have two of the yellow bunnies below. The one on the left I was able to find via Yahoo Japan. But, she was expensive to win, even for just her-_-; I will put the one on the left up for adoption through my shop via etsy... so be looking out for her!
 I did manage to get the pink bear last year thru ebay, on the right. But her face paint was just about gone. So I retouched it. She is much smaller than the other. She too will be available in my shop!

Below, the rare blue squirrel! He is the hardest to try to find. I've seen one other flickr friend that own one. I love their eyes and cute smile. I love the one above with her closed eyes too.

They will be a great addition to my collection!
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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