Saturday, August 6, 2016

Adorable Goodies from the Goody Store!

I took Taby shopping Yesterday and also because she had a physical appt. So, one couldn't help but stop by at the Goody Store, for a few things...

I actually had to pick up a new dish sponge... But while browsing the aisles, I found these two items I couldn't resist getting! There were others, but I had to stay on budget. LOL

 A small deer stationary set, and the cutest dolly bento picks!
 The deer letter set comes with stickers, tiny envelopes and memo notes. Great for quick messages!

The cute elf roly poly type dolly bento picks come in blue, green, and red. Two of each color and 2 of each pose... They will be fun additions to my dolly photos or scenes!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

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