Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cortendorf Horror and Comparison!

I recently acquired a true Cortendorf figurine from ebay for about the same price as the last two I bought from a shop thru IG.

So, now I am wondering if the one's I already own are Cortendorf at all or 'knock-offs'?

First, the sad horror, the figurine arrived to me the other day from Germany in a large box from USPS by way of DHL.

 Upon inspection, even my 8 yr old daughter noticed the box was crushed on the sides, as though it was shoved between larger boxes, and made to fit. A lot of shredded paper inside, when I pulled the bubble wrap out, the head of the figurine fell right out, already detached from the body. I was devastated...

 As I removed the body from the bubble wrap, it was merely wrapped in it, not secured by tape. So, that gave a good indication that the bubble wrap though around the figurine, was not taped completely around to secure the bubble wrap from coming undone. I found a single tape at the bottom of the box, as I frantically searched for the rest of the pieces to the neck and head.
 I immediately, took photos and sent them to the seller via ebay. Her poor face and head.

I took a photo of my figurines from Japan versus the German Cortendorf and you can see the larger scale of the Cortendorf as compared to the Japan figurines. Still similar in coloring and design.

Maybe the one's I got from Japan are a variation? Interesting.
 I started to glue the head pieces together, but there are so many tiny pieces missing. She may not be able to salvage... I did get a full refund from the seller. That made up for the value, but, I wanted her... I guess it was not meant to be.

I can't stress enough, from experience, when buying or selling ceramics or items that are fragile, one must be very vigilant in making sure the item is secured properly with bubble wrap, tape and even tissue paper or newspaper. Trust me it saves you the trouble or heartache of seeing a perfect item become damage by a shipper-_-;

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. So sad :'( The box doesn't look strong enough, the shredded paper would not provide enough padding, and certainly wouldn't stop movement - even if the bubblewrap had been taped, it might not have been enough to stop it being damaged in that flimsy packaging. What a pity! The face looks pretty good, but with no clothes to cover the break in the neck, it's never going to look as it did before, poor thing! :-(

    1. Hi Dear Rebecca, so true dear, so true. Thank you so much for your thoughts on this too. I was not able to save her, truly a pity. many hugs, gg