Saturday, August 6, 2016

New Vintage Shop Goodies!

Here's what came in today!

I was able to win these cute items through Yahoo Japan...
A Lot of four Poppo chan and other tan dolls, a mirror compact with comb, ceramic deer couple bank, and a large tan long hair gal.

 She has big eyes and lovely straight hair. I will add her to my shop!

The vintage Retro girl compact below, comes with its box and a comb. In the shop.

 This ceramic deer couple in lovely condition for its age, might be in the shop? LOL
 The lot of 4 tan dollies, two nude Poppo-chan dolls in the shop, the last 2 are just too cute!

 I will have to decide if they will go or stay? Love, their faces, and they are quite unique!
 I made them outfits!
Now, I may have made it harder for me to put them in the shop... Ha.

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. what are those last ones?? the ones you made outfits for??? what are they??? can i own them?????

    1. Hi Seeha, thank you for writing. I'm sorry, those dolls sold long ago. I no longer own them, and yes, I did make them outfits. Many hugs, Gigi