Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Vintage Ceramic Mermaids Japan!

Oh my....

One of my ISO's has landed!!

While searching last week through Yahoo Japan, I was able to find and win this lovely lot of two vintage ceramic mermaids!!

Still mint in original packaging below...
 I immediately took them out. I knew upon winning that the blue mermaid had a chip on her tail. But, the seller did mention that the pieces were inside the bag.
 They are both amazing. The first time I saw this set was on Shoko's instagram. She has an amazing collection. I thought I would never find the very same mermaids, but I did?! And I'm still reeling. Ha.
 The pink mermaid is nice and mint with purple hair. Even more lovely in person!
 Notice the felt stopper at the bottom, New! She has not been sitting on a desk or dresser for display?!
 I am assuming they are made by Rune Naito with the very same "closed eye" art.
 The blue mermaid with green hair... Also nice and mint. I did find the pieces of the tail in the bag.
 Sadly, some are way too tiny to glue on. So, I just glued on the larger pieces at the backside, where they came from. The chips on the front side I could not fix -_-;
 The tail from the front is not so bad. Other than this, she is gorgeous and minty.

 My happy place...
My three beautiful ceramic mermaids. The two are a lot smaller than I thought, but still lovely next too my Rune Naito Mermaid.

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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