Sunday, October 16, 2016

Repaint a Vintage Dolly Closet...

I decided to repaint my wooden dolly closet I bought, back in July, here... Trust me, it was hard.

I started with spray painting it a baby blue last week. It took about two coats, but I think it turned out nicely. Sorry no photos of the process. I waited a bit longer than after 24 hours to go to the next step. That was only because, I wanted to be sure of what I was going to do next?

So, I started on finding a knob that would look cute on it. I bought a diamond round knob from the 100yen shop here, sadly, the screw was too wide for it to go into the hole. So, instead I just used the yellow thumb tack, that I already had on it. I added wood glue and some small sections of toothpick wood to keep the tack in place.

Afterwards, I had to decide if I was going to actually use the vintage meyercord decals I got a few months back... At first, I was going to use the one that I wouldn't mind, if it got damaged. Then, it hit me, nope, I'm going to use the one I love and do my best. Keeping my fingers crossed that it does work... I took a bowl of water as per the instructions, placed the cut decal I wanted to use and soaked it in the water, I waited a few minutes and the paper started to curl. I held it open and tried to wait a bit longer. Sure enough the paper stopped curling and I could feel the decal loosen and eventually I was able to remove it. I lifted it out of the water and started to place it onto the wood, slowly sliding it and trying my best to set it straight. I couldn't move it any more, so I started to dab with the paper towel and allowed it to dry. After about 5 minutes and no water on the it. I sprayed Mr. Super Clear Gloss to seal.

I was done!! Yay!
 Then, I decided to add some petite pom poms in yellow... The finished product!
 It turned out nicely, well at least to me. You can still see the etching from the flowers and birds and that's okay.

 Now, to just decorate the inside...
 What the closet looked like before...

I also received this cute vintage Japanese children's book. I love the plush bunny baby on the cover.
 Many vintage dolls and toys along with tiny elves!
 ...and pose dolls too!
Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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