Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Creative Goods Today!

I have been wanting to show these to you for some time... But, I had to wait for a last touch to make it complete! Now, its ready to share with you!! I hope you like it?

I showed you these tins here. But, I didn't like the way they turned out, so I redid them!

 This time I printed out some vintage meyercord bunnies and glued them on. Then, I added some pom poms to the lid. How Kawaii is this?! I used diamond glaze on the cut outs, and the end result was not tacky like mod podge would make it, and it dries clear and permanent. Yay!
 I have already added these cute tins to my online shop here!
 I have the pink bunny and the blue bunny listed.

I also received this Takara miniature set, I wanted it for the tiny thermos. This will be added to my collection.

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

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