Thursday, April 27, 2017

This Weeks Haul...

Here's what came in this week!

This lovely MerryBee meyercord decal letter box/Organizer. I will be adding it to my shop, if anyone is interested. Beautifully made too.

 You can even display your Shevie dolls in them!

 I found this lovely vintage Sankyo crib pull string music toy dog, in blue. He's quite mint and plays, "Brahm's Lullaby". I will try to take a video of it and post it later. When you pull on the string, it plays and the dogs eyes, move left and right.
 I've collected a few of these cute pull string music toys. I've had the strawberry, and a lemon, which I both sold. But, to find the dog in this color is awesome. I will need to add a strong canvas cord to hang him up. Since his is missing. He will be added to my collection.

 Vintage Froebel Kan board book, "Puppy Parade". Great for dogs lovers. Many cute photos of dogs, in cute situations. In great condition, with some sticker glue residue on the back of the book, that can be removed. I hope to list it later today in my shop. Along with a book I got an extra of.

 This amazing piece, a trade between two IG friends. One wanted my fur dog, and she traded with another to give me this lovely rare Unicorn planter from Japan. He's so cute, and I love his big eyes!

 These are quite rare. A lovely addition to my ceramic collection. He will be displayed on my dresser.

Last for today, my recent order with Amiami, Sanrio Characters: Ano Koro/ In Those Days... Rement set. I haven't been ordering or pre-ordering anything via Amiami or Hobby Search for some time now. So, when a fellow collector shared her IG photo of the cute cabinet from this set, I couldn't believe, that I didn't pre-order this set! LOL
 Luckily, it was still available for purchase. Whew! It will go great with my Retro Girl sets too!
 In this set, are many Sanrio items, I fell in love with back in the 80's ,when Julie's, a shop that specialized in Sanrio products from Japan, were sold. I would go with my sister weekly to see what new items came in.

Those who lived on Guam... Do you remember that shop? It was located in a complex, no longer there now, instead Nanbo's Insurance Bldg. is located there. Julie's, was then relocated to what is now Forever 21 store... Ahh the memories. Oops, back to the set! Ha.
 In the set are so many cute items, Hello Kitty, My Melody, Keroppi,  and Twin Stars too!
 The set is just the right size for my Tomy Rooms set. This is the Study Room. It comes with the desk and chair. The rest is the Ano Koro Rement. There is even a teeny tiny Twin Stars sands of time piece! Whoa! This is my new fave set now!

 I can add some of the Retro Girl Rement to create this scene of all the vintage treasures! Ceramics, toys, plush, etc.
Just a few of my favorites combined, in the photo...

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, April 24, 2017

Lovely Mod Figurine Found!

While doing my usual searches via ebay, I came across a very unique figurine... that caught my eye! She had a BIN feature and I immediately purchased her! She ended up being shipped back to the seller by accident, but then reshipped and still got here super fast too!

 She has gorgeous pale blonde bubble cut hairstyle, with a hunter green V-neck top and yellow mustard capris. She is in a sitting position and is about 8 inches tall. She still has the original sticker stamp on her thigh, and it reads, "AK, Grassau OB"

 Sadly, her wrist looks to have been broken and then re-glued. I brushed her hair, and she was still in nice condition, with minimal dust or cleanup. Yay! She is definitely made in Germany, and I believe similar to or made by the Cortendorf Co. I have seen similar figurines, but they go for a lot of money via Germany's site. So, it was nice to find her at a price I could afford, Stateside, whew!

 After brushing her hair, I touched up her wrist a bit, with similar matching paint. I may touch up her blouse too? Because she has some nicks in some areas. Gosh! Talk about luscious lips too!
 I decided to add two gold tone bracelets, made from "O" rings for jewelry, and a Barbie multi-colored scarf, with green, gold, and two types of purple. It suits her, don't you think?
 She is a welcome addition to my collection. I will have her displayed on my end table for now. I'd love to find more like her... Someday.

Thanks for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Random Things...

Taby wanted to find a cell phone case, so whilst we did. I found some things for myself...

One of the places we decided to check out was Giftoria in the Agana Shopping Center. Wow, so many cute anime, and Disney items! I found this Bandai Luminary Tears Compact blind box. $6.95 a bit pricey for me. But, I figured I'd give it a try and see what I randomly get....
 10 types of cute compacts.
 I got the secret compact, Yay!

 Love the gold, pink and purples. There are two compartments to open.

 It also looks like you can mix and match the cases. A nice addition to my growing cute compact collection. Oh boy! LOL

 A much anticipated book for my Froebel Kan collection. "Fun for Baby" I have been waiting for almost a month to arrive. Geez, talk about snail mail folks. That's Media Mail for you. Not my choosing though.
 The book has so many vintage dolls! Another fave book for sure!
 I love many of the furniture pieces they've photographed with the dolls. I've seen some of them on Yahoo Japan auctions too!

 Back side of the book. This one has many cute baby dolls in it too.

We also went to the Goody Store, I picked up this Pureral Apply Gummy snack. Very tart and tastes like apples. You can see the apple bits inside it too.
 Taby opened one of her Sakura Mochi treats from Osaka for all of us to try. It was very interesting, you could feel the texture of the bean curd they used in it. An interesting flavor as well.

On the way up, we stopped by the 76 Gas Station Circle K to gas up, and there  by the counter was a "Relay for Life" fundraiser sign. Beside it, was a bevy of colorful cotton candy cups and bags of Rainbow flavored popcorn. So, I picked up one of each as my donation.
The rainbow flavored popcorn was the best. Sara liked the blueberry cotton candy. You could tell as it left her teeth and tongue all blue! LOL

I need to get some items from my collection up on my shop... just lazy these days. I will try soon!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Finds and Trades...

It's been a regular week, and kids are back to school... Here's what came in the past 3 days!

I have often seen many of my fellow collectors with these cute tall white deers! Earlier this year I had a chance to buy a set, but the price was just a bit much at the time and I couldn't afford them. So, months later, Christine on etsy, had the pair up for sale in her shop! I told myself, I could at least get one... and I did.
 It is quite large, not that I expected it to be very small, but, Wow! Christine packed it nice and safely! I always enjoying getting items from her shop when I can.
 This vintage white deer is big, like 11inches of tall-ness! Stamped "Japan" underneath, there is a partner, facing left, that I didn't not get at this time... Maybe next time? I love their doe-y big eyes! I may replace the ribbon or not. Now, to find a spot to display her!

 On IG, a sweet fellow collector Nichole, asked if I'd like to trade for one of my rubber squeaks I had in my shop. So, I agreed. She receive her cute squeak just before the weekend, and I got her cutie in the mail the other day!
 This small and simply adorable ceramic bunny in white, with floral decor and blue bow, is just too cute for words!
 She has similar eyes to my cute pink sheep mug, and the sticker is the same, "K&K Originals". She still has her original stopper, Yay.

 A great addition to my collection...

Last, this amazing find via etsy! Shabby chic vintage child's chair or is it a shelf? I fell in love with, of course for the meyercord bunny decal on it. It is large and arrived safely to me, packed really well for the journey.
 It took a bit longer to arrive, but was so worth it.
 I just need to decide where to display it now, and what to put on it. I may store my assortment of ribbons inside the drawers?! For easier access.

I need to start looking at my storage containers and cabinet to see what else will be ready to put up for adoption... Stay tuned!

 Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls