Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Down with a Cold...

A few weeks ago, my husband was down with a cough and cold. Then, Sara got sick. More than likely from a school mate. Now, Taby. You guessed it, from the sickness of everyone else, I caught her cold. Ugh. I generally try to keep things sanitized, and clean house etc. But, I still caught the bug too. When Mommy is ill, Mommy's job is to stick it out and keep on going. Yup, and that's what I did. Even with a runny nose, and deep down throaty coughs... I still have to keep going. Oh well.

So, as a trooper somewhat drudging on... I have a few rare items from those two Lots I got last week, that have drawn a lot of attention. So, at first, I was planning an auction. But, having this cold, I'd rather not worry about it. In short, I've decided, I will just list them in my etsy shop on Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 12pm, Guam time. So, if you are interested they will be listed at that time. I truly appreciate your patience with me on this one.

 I bought this cutie via IG from a fellow shop, and she arrived safely to me. She needed a lot of cleaning too. I had to wash her twice. No odors, just caked on dust. Her head and right arm can be moved.
 She very unique and has the markings, "MS" inside a duck on her neck. I believe she is made in Germany, a product of Müller and Strassburger doll mark M and S Superior (Germany).
 I will eventually list her in my shop. So, be looking out for her.
 All the cute babies...

I also received these two small plush bunnies! I didn't realize how small they were until they arrived. They remind me of Rune Naito or Ayumi Uyama plush cuties. I found them through IG via a fellow collector's shop, alleycat_kitsch. She had them listed and no takers, so, I decided to adopt them.
 Seller was so sweet, she even added a cute Hello Kitty handkerchief and a little pink bear! Awe, just adorable thank you dear! I know Sara will love them!
 Both have their original, "made in Japan" sticker. I took off their worn ribbons and replaced them with the sheer ones below. They will be added to my collection.
Do you remember this poor cutie here? Sadly, he has a damaged ear. The seller added the two pieces in the box, for the new owner to fix. I tried my best, but it was really hard.
 I used a tooth pick and even a Q-tip to try to get the piece together. Not a successful result.
 So, what do I do? Well... I decided to make him into a furry cutie. Similar to the furries I got from France. I worked on him while sick in bed. He is really tall at 11inches, so it took a lot more craft fur, then the others.
 Here he is. I added, two colors, than a gold rik rak trim. I love his big eyes. I may need to fix him up a bit more. I did secure the ear with plastic cement.
 Last, I bought some black ribbon for my cute Flockie. Here he is with his friends.
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls