Friday, September 15, 2017

Finds Arrive Home

Today, is a much better day! Whew. The listings for the three rare items on my shop, turned out great. Two of the three were adopted. Thank you so much for shopping with me on Etsy!

Now, that my cold is pretty much without body aches, now, to just to get over the throat thing. Here are some finds I bought online that came in.

 I found this, and the next item in an online Japan shop. Lovely Kabaya jewelry necklace tribute to Sailormoon. I've seen this necklace a few times, and they often sell out fast. So, to find one still available was very nice. I love the design too.
 Sailormoon is one of my favorite anime's growing up. A new addition to my Kabaya necklace collection.

 This lovely mint in package doll is another Shiba vintage doll. She is similar to the doll I found here, 1970s Francine. This is the cheaper version I suppose. Often found wearing random fashions. But, still having the signature long legs and starry eyes. This one is blonde, and she comes with shoes too.

 The hard decision to open her up or not too? LOL. I'm so tempted to open her from her packaging. But at the same time, I want to hang her from the wall as is... Decisions. Haha.
 This item, I won through Yahoo Japan. No other bidders. Surprised, because this is a lovely vintage weaved bag with lovely artwork of posedolls. Still lovely, probably about 1950s.

 Some age stains inside, all original. I will display it, a new addition to my collection.

 Last, I got these items from Kuku Clara website. I needed a floaty, and some shoes for Nana. They arrived fast and that was because it was sent UPS. I wish there was a cheaper option to choose, for mailing from there. Ugh. Oh well.
 I made Nana a swim cap, and this lovely floral belt over a Moni bathing suit. Her lovely tan skin was begging for a swimsuit. LOL
She's so adorable. I need to do beach shots! Soon.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls