Thursday, May 23, 2024

Trip?! Super Quick Pls!

 On Mother's Day weekend, I decided to go for a quick trip to Narita, Japan, and Sara joined me. I was on a mission to find a doll. So, here's what we did...

I picked up Sara early from school Friday and we had our bags packed and our flight was not until 5pm. We got to the airport early. The flight was fast and made it into Narita, Japan by 8pm. We took the shuttle bus to our hotel and checked in. By then, we were exhausted. I just made a quick stop at the convenience store within the hotel and went to bed. This time we stayed at the Narita Tobu Hotel. Not our usual place, but still lovely and a lot more roomy as compared to Narita Gateway.
My breakfast above. I decided in order for us to get to where we needed to go we had to take a taxi to Aeon Mall since the hotel's shuttle service didn't run until after 11am. We got to the mall, and it had just opened. We went to Patty's first, as Sara wanted to check if there was a plush kitty she saw from our last trip still there, and it was!! I saw some new Swimmer items on the shelves and simply just looked around. We made our way to the music store to take photos of drum sets for Sam, which was one of his wishes for us to do. Then, we were by the gatcha machines and got some gatchas for family. Finally, to the store I needed to check out for the doll I was searching for...

I went around the store once and saw nothing. So I figured I'd ask the clerk and sadly, he said that particular doll had sold out! NOOOOO! Ugh. We left the store and decided to go eat lunch. Especially because we had to make our way back to the airport within a few hours. 

Welp, I did remind myself, that even though I didn't get to buy the little squeak doll I was searching for, that I did go somewhere for Mother's Day and it was Japan for a day! Who can say they can do that?! Not many, Haha! In the end, I got Taby her stickers she wanted, Sara got her plush Kitty, Sam saw the drum sets available and I got to get off the rock for a bit. All in all, it was good and I did enjoy myself. We made it back to the airport and caught this bus above, to get there on time. We were back on the island of Guam by 11pm that Saturday night. It was nice and though I didn't accomplish the mission, I did experience a little getaway! Yay!

Since I could not find this particular doll online or on my quick Narita trip. I decided to reach out to my friend in Japan. I asked her if she could help me locate the dolls... AND... Reiko went above and beyond and found the dolls!!! Haha! They arrived to me yesterday! Yesss!! So here are the dolls below...

Iwai Co. made mini versions of the crawling baby squeak doll in red, blue, pink and yellow. These mini versions do not squeak. My friend was able to find me three of the colors.

I've had the vintage Iwai Co. pink squeak doll back in 2010. I had bought the regular sized one for Sara when she was a few months old. She played with it for a bit and then when she didn't want it anymore. I sold it in my shop. My friend Feerique on IG found a mini version from her travels to Japan. So I've been on the hunt since then. Reiko helped me to get a few extra and will add them to my shop soon!

Next, I got this adorable worn Rushton kitty in and worked on her the past 2 days. She is a lovely pale gray and white color. Just needed a bit of washing and refluffing and TADa!! She was good as new. I listed her this morning about 30 minutes ago and she sold fast!! Oh my!

She even had her original tag. I also got 2 Rushton hand puppets in. A Dutch girl and 'Cluny' Clown is the name of the other. Cluny has a squeaker inside him. I think the hand puppets are just as cool to own and they don't take up much space too! They are also listed in my shop and sold as a set.

Lastly, this adorable lipstick case with Holly Hobbie on the front. Made in Japan by Sunstar, it is similar to one I have with anime girl art on it. I may sell this one? Not sure. It will be summer starting tomorrow, Friday for the kids on Guam. So I hope you enjoy yours when yours begins!

May you make great memories this summer! Happy Thrifting!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

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