Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Summer Daze in View!

 It's just a few days away to the start of Summer vacation! Sara and I did some fun things the past week an a half!!

First, Guam finally got their Don Don Donki Store opened back on April 25th! It was announced that they would have license plate numbers or letters days for the first 4 days that Donki was opened. It was crazy. I decided to wait a week later until the crowd died down and I'm so glad we did!!

Inside, the huge shopping center, was a first floor of all kinds of things made from Japan. I saw, items with "Guam" souvenirs catered towards the tourists that come to Guam. Then, plushies galore from Sanrio, Donki mascots, just to name a few. Toys, snacks, chips, cookies, and more. In the back was the fruit isles, and veggies, produce etc.. As we worked our way around the back, we found hot plate foods and street foods available to line up and pack for quick lunches.
So similar to a 7 Eleven store in Japan. There were other items you would find for your home as well. We decided to check out with the snacks and drinks we found and see what else Donki had to offer locals... Once we left the main Donki area and check out lanes, we walked out onto a food court area on the left side and right side was an elevator to the ground floor, where liquor, wines, etc. were sold. Also, part warehouse style Costco or Costuless with bulk items for sale. We worked out way towards the left side and saw, some fast food counters at the food court.
One we recognized was Auntie Anne's Pretzels, and a Japanese style conveyor sushi restaurant, which by the way had a long wait line. After the restaurant, we spotted a Make up shop, and then my dream store Daiso!! Yeeesss pleeease!! Sadly not opened yet til later this month!
As we left that side, we could see the exit of Donki and on the right side, were Gacha machines and Crane machines as well. Sara decided to try her hand at one. I was disappointed that the gacha machines were limited and somewhat costly to play. Even the crane machines were nothing too amazing. These were small ones that we've seen in Japan. No large ones with anime figures in boxes or large plushies and the like. But, it was here on Guam and that was nice all the same.

Our snack haul. Sara and I tried the fruit milk drinks and they were very flavorful and yummy!! Each one tasted just like the fruit. The waffle pastries were delish too! Sara was happy with the Pik-Nik chips! We didn't buy too much, but will definitely head back for some of the other Japanese cookie tins and maybe a plush Haha!!

I also got some vintage finds in as well... This adorable large posedoll I was able to fix, her hair was missing some flowers on one side of her ponytail and some areas on her that needed fixing. Below, this adorable child suitcase with lovely mod floral design. I could not resist getting it!!
Next, this vintage wood Goldilocks House with shapes. I've already added to my shop. Just too cute for words! I snagged the "Kitch Deluxe" book, I figured should be a good read to understand more about Kitsch.

Some more Medicom Twiggy mini figures. I've already added to my shop! I sold out last time! So these are available again. Below, I found another Ririyu miniature yellow plush bunny. I listed in my shop and it sold in less than thirty minutes. Just glad customers can enjoy something rare from Japan!

This adorable yellow oil cloth bunny with Easter basket is also available in my shop. He's just too cute and his face too. In lovely condition as well. Below, some commissioned Ayumi Uyama Yujin mini retro plushies for a customer. It was fun to locate the set for her.

It has been a busy weekend even with Mother's Day in the rear view now...

Happy Thrifting!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls


  1. The new Donki complex is a fun plus to shopping options!

    1. Yes, that's true! Thank you for your comment A! Hugs, Gigi