Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amazing Vintage 1970's Storage Stool from Japan!

I also received today from Japan this lovely mint and gorgeous 1970's storage cube! I was truly surprised how lovely it looked even from the seller's photos. The wild 70's stripes down the center just scream to me 70's! Just look at the photo's below...

Lovely jersey style fabric covering the entire stool, with no marks, tears or odors. A few specks of dust, but easily removable with your finger tips. The stripes are nice and bright, with a soft cushion center at the top to sit on, and black rubber parts at the bottom to keep the stool stationary where it sits. It has a clear flap for the snap button closure. Inside as shown below sits a pink tray for storing little bits, and bobs, sewing items what ever you can think of.

below showing the black rubber pegs and style number tag. Next photo a shot of the inside underneath the pink plastic tray is a lovely storage areas for larger items. The material inside is nice, soft and spongy pink foam?

Tray above can be removed. Lovely piece of 70's history! All the way from Japan too! It took me some time to receive this beauty, because of the size and costs from Japan-_-; So, now I can admire it beside my vintage inflatable stool. Both are amazing pieces of history^_~ I just hope my husband won't mind me keeping this one?!

We have space issues...LOL! - ggsdolls