Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In the Vero Garden, It's Complete!

I received in the mail today, some long awaited miniature ivy vine garland from Germany. I bought two styles, one in a darker green, you will see growing up the pillars, and a lighter green on the trellis. I found a seller who had them selling really cheap and allowed me to purchase them...I've pretty much had the Vero garden complete, I just wanted to get these vines to place on the two pillars. Only cause I saw them in the diagram for another style Vero House. See below!
If you look at the left side of the house, the two pillars have vines growing! A look I wanted to achieve with these garlands!

The Vero garden is now complete. I have also added a few touches, a mail box, with mail, and today's paper. I finally decided on having the spiral bushes placed just to the right of the pillar, along with the cute gnome. Now, the backyard has so much lush greenery, it's truly amazing...I would've never been able to create something like this, back then! - ggsdolls