Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lovely Miniature Windchimes!

Oh my goodness, I didn't think anything like this was made, but they sure are! Of course I had to go back and shop some more at Mary's Miniatures online shop! I couldn't help but get a set of larger spiral tree's, some tiny mail boxes, and then these wind chime kits you put together yourself! Mary's service is amazing, but s/h is expensive even for Guam-_-; But I will not complain, because the items get here in less than a week!!

I bought two styles of chimes, "Seagulls" above and "Sand dollars" below!

The pieces come still on a cut out sheet and you just have to remove them carefully. Then, you need silk thread, which I didn't have, thread them to the desired length, and tie them. Took me some time, but they were done.

They don't actually chime, which is what I thought, but they do move just like chimes do when there's wind. Still lovely to look at and sorta comforting, at least to me...LOL!

This one I did second and gave more length in the string, it hangs well in this area of the garden.

The "Seagulls" was my first attempt, and the string ended up being shorter. It hangs in this area of the garden for now, but will be given to my daughter for her house, when it comes in.

See the tiny mail boxes! There are other style of chime sets I've seen, "Mushrooms", "Doves", "Whales", and "Dophins". How cool is that?!! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls