Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miele Refrigerator from Germany 1:12 Scale...

For some time now, since getting into dollhouses, I've been wanting a simple, yet not too modern looking fridge for my Vero or Moritz Dollhouses. Finally, I found a perfect style fridge via ebay Germany to fit into my small bungalow houses!

I've tried searching for the right era fridge, but was always outbidded on them. So, I thought maybe a Lundby sized fridge might work, but never found just the right color for the kitchen set I have. I looked and looked, and came across this Miele German brand fridge and wanted to see if it would work out? In person, it actually seems more like a 1:18 or 1:16 scale, but it was made for 1:12 scale! The sad part is that not all my rement can fit inside-_-; but it's definitely just right for the Vero and Moritz bungalows!

The fridge arrived safely to me. In it's original box and seemed very small!

It fits nicely next to the stove, and matches the kitchen set well, even for the era. At least I think so. I am happy with the little fridge. It is like having something very simple, for a simple person who lives there... - ggsdolls

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  1. No conocía tu blog, pero me encanta todo lo que he visto hasta ahora. Ya tienes una seguidora más. Un beso :-)