Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Playing in the Vero Some More...

Over the weekend my husband and two children, left island for vacation to visit our other eldest in CA and his sister, then off to WA to visit with my family and take my Father to visit his sisters. But sadly, I and the youngest did not or could not go...mostly because of money, but I feel solely because I just can't fly much like I used too-_-;

I get the worst case of airsickness possible, it all started since 2007. Oh well. Its all good though, cause now the house is a lot more quiet, with the exception of a toddler, asking for this n that, but otherwise quite relaxing...So, my 4th of July was more of the same...and today, Sara and I went to check the mail and some other errands and this finally made it to me after almost a month!!

Left side: I ordered two lovely swan planters and a mailbox, but the the mailbox didn't make it, just a check refund. I ordered these lovely planters from this dollhouse website, but told myself, the savings may be big, but the service and wait was too long, especially for something coming in from the US! -_-; I was not told via email that the mailbox was not available. Such a disappointment. Oh well, As for the cute gnome below, it was a gift from my second child, who had extra cash to spend and bought one for my dollhouse garden! How sweet is she!?

The other swan planter is not shown here, but they are amazing, and so intricately detailed. They look just like the one's my Mother had in her garden ages ago. You can even adjust the wired leaves.

Below: The planter on the other side of the garden...its has the dirt coming out the sides and everything! LOL!

I also switched the rooms around. I placed the living room into the smaller room of the Vero, and added a wall in the larger room to separate the room into a bedrm, and bathrm. I will show more photos in a bit, the one's I took were too blurry-_-;

Below: So, you can sorta see how the larger room is made into two separate rooms...Sorry, i would've turn the house around, but it's actually quite hard to do. So, I often leave the house facing one way or the other for a few days...LOL! - ggsdolls

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