Friday, July 15, 2011

Resolution Center Via Ebay is a Joke!

I am so pissed off right now, ebay closed my case against the seller "faltbootfreund" for his carelessness of my dollhouse! I escalated since I did not receive the 10% promised refund. When I did Ebay closed the case in his favor and commented saying that I did not pay for this item...I was like WTH!!??

So, please anyone who tries to do business with this seller please be careful. Your item will not be packaged carefully! I am trying to appeal this with ebay, but who upsetting. In all my years of collecting, this happens!

- ggsdolls

Updated: 07/18/2011

I have not heard back from ebay, so I decided to file a dispute thru paypal. The sad news is I cannot do this thru paypal, because of the timeframe...

So, to make a long story short, there was an extra fee for s/h and Because this was paid at a later date. I was able to file a claim thru paypal and finally, got some justice, I was refunded at least the full amount! Thank you paypal, you are good for something!! ugh, this is finally over.


  1. Oh, how frustrating and infuriating! I hope you get somewhere with your appeal.

    I have looked at this seller on German ebay, and what is very strange to me, as it seems you are the only one to receive a damaged dolls house, is that his feedback is 100%! I hope you give him negative feedback - a small refund should not mean he gets away with this, and feedback, and the seller star ratings, seems to be all that ebay cares about.

  2. Rebecca, what is even more upsetting is that because of the time frame and me filing with ebay, I was not able to go back and leave the proper feedback for him. It would not allow me to do it. It said, that I could not! I was so upset, the only way I can warn others is thru BDD or here-_-;

    PS thanks so much for your thoughts though^_~

  3. Oh that is annoying! Maybe that has happened to other buyers too.

    I have just noticed that I wrote you are the only one - I meant you are NOT the only one, of course!!