Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two Story Moritz Gottschalk Dollhouse from Germany...

I won this lovely house via ebay Germany for my daughter while I was in WA. The seller sent it two weeks after the sale date and late, after I asked for tracking info. Then to top it off, he sent it poorly packaged-_-; in only the original box it came with. I figured he would use a sturdier box or at least cover the outside of it with thicker cardboard-_-; I was devastated when it finally arrived to me after a month and 3 weeks since the auction ended. Just look at the pics below!

Ebay auction photo not mine above, before it was mailed out, showing original box.
The dollhouse above removed from all the bubble wrap and newspapers.The roof on the house caved in and parts of the 2nd floor walls cracked in several places, including parts of the roof. Many of the inside parts like windows, curtains, door, etc. were all off the house and in pieces!

Above you can see more detailed damage. I emailed the seller and sent him all the pics I took of the damage. I had to file with ebay because the house took so long to arrive and I honestly wasn't sure it was coming. After, the initial anger of seeing this house in ruins, I took all loose parts off and started to take out all the wiring. I figured it will be a "keep me busy" project while my family was away...So, I decided to keep the house and fix her up. I just hope my daughter is okay with it. I showed her the damage and told her I was gonna see what I could do to fix it up....

I have yet to hear back from the seller, I at least want partial refund, cause it was not packed properly? what do you think?? - ggsdolls

Updated: I worked on it all thru the early evening...LOL. Yup, just couldn't stop! Here's what it looks like so far...


  1. I'm glad to see it has arrived finally, but how frustrating that it arrived in such a state, that's awful!

    I really don't understand why some sellers don't take better care in preparing & safely packing their items. I hope you can get a partial refund.

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  3. Don`t know if it`s a comforting,
    but sometimes it doesn`t need such a long
    journey to get a broken house -
    I made similar experiences...

    And I share the love for houses of this period
    so I follow the developement of your collection ;-)

    Wish you the best for rebuilding this dollhouse!

    Greetings from Germany,

  4. HB, thanks dear so much for your thoughts and I totally agree, if the seller had just taken a bit of extra time to pack it properly, then this wouldn't have happened-_-;

    Irmchen, You are too sweet. thanks so much for following my blog. I must share that I truly love the craftsmanship of these period dollhouses. Germany has soo many amazing and talented people!
    So, far my good experiences with Germany sellers has out weighed the bad. So, I am over being sad or upset, besides, I know my daughter will still love the house!

    Many hugs to both of you for your lovely thoughts posted! ggsdolls

  5. I know that german seller "F..." with the blue curtain behind all his offered dollhouses, I recently bought a small Gottschalk house came rarely packed with broken glass windows. It was'nt such a big problem, because the windows were not the original ones, but I was very angry about this thoughtlessness. Obviously this seller doesn't think about transportation risks.
    I learned my lesson.... I try to pick up all my dollhouses by myself or by friends who live close to sellers. I'm expecting just the same Moritz Gottschalk house like above, fortunately my dad is often in the east of germany and he could pick it up for me. I hope he'll find his way to me next week....
    In spite of all the trouble and work you had with your house, it looks really good again and I believe your daughter will love it.
    Greetings from germany, Lilli

  6. Lilli, thank you so much for sharing your experiences, this makes me feel so much better. Yes, I was wondering if the same seller was doing this with all his other transactions.-_-; He finally contacted me and said he would refund 10%. Kind of a joke to me, but something is better than nothing, and my daughter said she is happy the house is at home for her to play with when she gets back! many hugs for your lovely thoughts Lilli and greetings too from Guam, ggsdolls

    PS Oh, I can't wait to see your M.G. house!

  7. My dad came to me today and brought the M.G. house, you can see a picture in my blog.

    Greetings, Lilli

  8. I've got the exact doll house from Moritz Gottschalk, too (was the one of my mother's childhood and afterwards mine).
    It makes me really sad to see yours in that totally damaged condition... :(

    How did the whole story end? Did you receive a refund?

    Greetings from Germany

    1. HI dear Su,

      We ended up redoing the roof, and my daughter has the house in her room! hugs from Guam, gg