Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vintage Mod 1960's Fish Shaped Coaster Set...

I've seen them via etsy, and had them stored in my faves for some time. Then, recently couldn't help but get them. They are quite unique and very mod to me. I like the mod floral design in them more so, and if I was to use them, I'd use them as wall decor instead of drink coasters! What do you think?

Sunny Coasters, Made by Gessner Products Company, Inc., Ambler, PA.

They have lovely mod print like that of 60's style wallpaper! I've seen one other style with bright orange background and yellow flowers drawn in. Most of the one's that show up when you google it, are one's made for Florida. Still I think this version is the best of the 3 I've seen!

If you place them in a certain pattern they look good as wall decor to me! LOL! - ggsdolls

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